Why do I need a Primary Care/Family Doctor?

Everyone needs a doctor who knows them and their health. The advantage of a Family Doctor is that they can truly take care of your whole family. You get the confidence of knowing your doctor well, as well as the convenience of having much of the healthcare for your family in one place.

When you need the care of a specialist we are happy to refer you. Having trained in Vancouver, our doctors know many of the specialists in town personally, and will be able to match you with the right one for your needs.

How do I make an appointment? 

Please call (360)567-0488 during our office hours and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.  Please have your insurance information available so we can verify it.

Do you take my insurance?

Short answer? Probably!  

We take most insurances, you can call our office or your insurance provider to see if we are in your network.  We hope we are!  Most of our treatments are covered by your insurance, and if some of them are not, we will talk to you about cost and payment options. 

For more information, please see our page regarding Billing.

We continue to see our Medicare patients, but cannot see additional new patients with these insurances as they do not reimburse enough for us to deliver the level of care you deserve.  We are not contracted and cannot see any WA State insurance (Molina).  (If you are having a difficult time finding a doctor who can see you with your state provided healthcare plan, please call your representatives and senators to ask them to increase reimbursement through these plans so doctors can afford to see you. A list of elected officials is available at http://www.co.clark.wa.us/ELECTIONS/officials.html)

What are the billing procedures?

Orchards Family Medicine uses billing procedures in line with national and local standards.  For patients who have insurance coverage and a valid insurance card, we will submit claims to the insurer requesting reimbursement for services rendered.  Our office submits both electronic and when required, paper claims.  Patients will be responsible for any balance unpaid by their insurance (co-pays, co-insurance, deductible); consult your own plan for this information.  We have a billing representative willing to assist you if you have questions; you can reach her at (360)567-0488 Mon through Fri 8am – 2:30pm.

For more information, please see our page regarding Billing.

How will I know if I have a balance to pay?

Accounts that have a balance of more than $5 will receive a statement either in the mail or via email every 4 weeks.  Payments are due prior to the next statement and can be paid by check or credit card in the envelope provided, online (if you have received an email statement) with a debit/credit card, or in person with cash, check, or debit/credit card.

How do I get refills of my medication(s)?

Please call the office at (360)567-0488 and speak with our Medical Assistant in charge of prescriptions.  Please be aware that refills may take 48-72 hours and plan ahead.  See Prescriptions and Refills for more information.

Can I make an appointment or get results for another adult?

It is often easier to make appointments, ask questions about medications, and get lab results for a busy husband or wife, your college student, or aging parent.  In order to do so, the adult patient must sign a HIPAA release of information form naming you as allowed to discuss such health information.  We must have that form on file in order to help you help your loved one.

What if I need help after hours?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and illness doesn’t always fit a daytime work week schedule.  If you need immediate care, we encourage your to go to the closest urgent care office that accepts your insurance or to the Emergency Department of the closest hospital.  If you have an urgent matter that requires advice from your physician, call the office at (360)567-0488 and an on-call number will be on the recording.  Please be respectful of this after hours service for urgent issues only.