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General Health Information

The following sites have good reference information. We consider them to be far better sources than you may find searching the web at random. These sites are generally based on scientific research and include very little opinion.


For a number of reasons, many of our patients are facing dietary changes.  This could be caused by discovering food allergies, wanting to drop a few pounds, diabetic or post-bariatric nutritional needs, etc.  For this reason, and also because Elise and Ernie really like to cook, we will be (soon) featuring gluten-free and other recipes on our website, all that have been tested by Elise and her family.

One of Elise’s favorite websites to discover new recipes on is Gluten-Free Goddess.  She has a lovely blog with some really yummy recipes.  Even if you are blessed enough not to be Gluten-Free or otherwise food sensitive, she still has some pretty tasty things on there!